National Nurses of America continuously strives to bring an unmatched spirit of excellence to the art and science of health care.

We will provide our clients with quality supplemental staff in times of staffing crisis.

National Nurses has been providing supplemental staff to facilities since 1998. We provide services on a PRN and contract basis; and do not specialize in direct hire placement. 


Working with National Nurses provides you with the flexibility to pick up shifts, earn extra money, and work at different facilities. Work part-time or full-time and enjoy the same benefits. We have been servicing facilities through out our area for many years and have an extensive list of local and surrounding area facilities.


National Nurses of America is operated by staff who have the experience and understanding of health care needs. We have worked diligently to earn and preserve the trust of our clients by persevering in our line of business for a number of years. We can assist your facility with coverages on an as needed or contract basis.
  • Competencies and skills checklist - area specific before hiring and placement
  • Orientation - to facility policies, procedures, and work responsibilities
  • On call Service - always available after normal business hours, including holidays
  • Pre-Employment Screening - extensive background checks to include criminal history, employment verification, etc.
  • Record management - up-to-date credentials, health screenings, and certifications which are department or facility required
Our employees are encouraged to be flexible and maintain a positive attitude with which to serve our clients. We are established and recognized in our market, therefore medical professionals call us first. We establish trusting relationships and uphold the reputation our clients have come to expect from us!